‘Why this programme…?’

A new addition to our concerts section here on the website –  ‘Why this programme…?’

We’re always exploring and deciding upon programmes for our concerts. It’s a rather fun and interesting process, but at the end of the day it’s also a rather challenging one. As a result, A LOT of thought goes into them. That’s why we’re introducing this new bit of information that will hopefully give a little (or a lot) of insight into ‘Why this programme…?’.

At the moment the section will be very informal. We feel it will be nice to keep it as a peek into our process rather than an encyclopaedia entry! We’ll be experimenting for a while with the length of and information given in the section so please bare with us if there’s a variety of forms. Anyway, we hope it’s of interest to you – let us know if you’d like more information on specific areas of thought or just in general!

Have a look at our very first entry for our concert at University Church in Oxford (in just a few weeks time!). This entry is tilted towards information on the music, but we’re excited to see what the next one contains!

All best wishes,